KMRC Hosts the First Knowledge Management Forum for the Education Sector

The Knowledge Management Research Centre (KMRC) of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, with support from the Hong Kong Subsidised Secondary Schools Council, the Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association, and the Centre for IT in Education of The University of Hong Kong, held its first forum on Knowledge Management (KM) in the education field on 5 July. In the forum titled “Applying Knowledge Management in Education Sector,” keynote speakers discussed practices and challenges related to implementing KM in schools, cloud-based personal learning environment, and social learning networks. A panel discussion on the topic “Knowledge Management Practices in Education” allowed participants to learn from KM experiences of local schools and to exchange insights with speakers concerning new directions for KM. The forum attracted a number of education practitioners, who enjoyed a fruitful afternoon. At the end of the forum, KMRC announced the formation of “KM in the Education Community” to further assist the education sector’s implementation of KM in schools.


First photo(from left to right):

  • Prof. Eric Tsui, Professor and Associate Director, Knowledge Management Research Center, PolyU
  • Dr. Wu Siu Wai, Honorary Secretary of The Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association
  • Dr. Samuel Chu, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for IT in Education, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong
  • Prof. W.B. Lee, Chair Professor and Director, Knowledge Management Research Centre, PolyU
  • Dr. Yip Chee Tim, Principal of Pui Ching Middle School
  • Mr. Alex Chu, Principal of CCC Heep Woh College