ISE Organizes SME Development Funded Projects to Share Logistics Best Practices Knowledge

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering organized a series of Logistics Best Practices knowledge sharing projects. These have secured grants of more than HKD2.5 million funding from the SME Development Fund of the Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR Government (Project Reference No: D08 001 007 and D10 001 004).

Logistics Best Practices projects are coordinated by Dr. Tommy K L Choy, Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Their objective is to assist Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to generally understand and learn logistics best practices in order to enhance their operational effectiveness. Through these projects, logistics experts and various SME and logistics associations in Hong Kong gathered to disseminate best practices in their areas of work in order to share experience, optimize operational workflow, and generally apply logistics engineering systems to improve business operations.

A  project seminar titled “Information Technology-integrated Logistics Strategies Best Practices” was successfully held on 26th October 2011 to 350 owners and management staff of SMEs. Such projects have attracted attendance of over 1,300 owners and management personnel of SMEs. For further information, visit the project website:


Honourable guest speakers including Ir. Dr. Hon. Samson Tam Wai-Ho, JP, Member of Legislative Council (Information Technology) (4th from right, first row), leaders of logistics best practices companies, Dr. Hui Ming Shun, Chairman of DSC Group Limited (centre, first row) and Ms. Vivian Lo, Director of Winko International Products Limited (3rd from left, first row), Dr. Tommy K. L. Choy, Project Coordinator and Associate Professor of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (4th from left, first row), and Chairmen of logistics associations as well as Chairmen of supporting organizations took a group photograph in the project seminar on 26th October 2011.