ISE Research Students' Conference 2013 - "Research makes a humble heart"

/Over 60 research students and academic staff members of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering shared an enjoyable and fruitful occasion at the "ISE Research Students' Conference" held on 2 March 2013 at the Hotel Icon. 


The annual event has become a tradition in the Department, since its inauguration 2004.  It's a precious opportunity to bring together research students from the 4 main disciplines of the Department, covering Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Knowledge and Technology Management (KTM), Logistics Engineering (LE) and Product and Process Design (PPD), to exchange ideas about their studies.  This year, the Conference carried a special theme - "Research makes a humble heart".  It was amazing to see that our students not only developed themselves and grew intellectually during their research study, but apart from their achievements and broadening their horizons, they learned to be humble and therefore more eager to learn as well.


The Department would like to take this opportunity to thank the research students who made huge efforts in organizing the event and in making it a great success.  We would also like to thank all the research students who participated in the Conference; their dedication and support gave it true meaning and substance.