Signing Ceremony of Memoradum of Understanding between ISE and HKMMA

Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) has collaborated with Hong Kong Metals Manufacturers Association (HKMMA) for many years in organizing factory visits and career seminars for ISE students. In order to let ISE students have more exposure to the metal industry, both parties agreed to collaborate with each other to develop an internship programme for ISE undergraduate students. Therefore, during the summer term, some company members from HKMMA will offer internship opportunties to our students. Hence, a signing ceremony of memoradum of understanding for this agreement between ISE and HKMMA, which was officiated by Prof. Keith K.C. Chan (Acting Head of ISE) and Mr. S.W. Hung (Chairman of HKMMA). was already held at Microsoft Enterprise System Centre on 2nd August 2013. Many distingushied guests from HKMMA, including Mr. Alex Leung (vice chairman) and Mr. H.W. Cheng (vice chairman), and ISE colleagues, including Prof. C.Y. Tang (programme leader of PEM), Prof. Felix Chan (programme leader of ISE), Prof. Eric Tsui, Dr Gary Tsui, Ir C.K. Choi, Dr Y.M. Tang and Dr Dennis Lo, were also present at the ceremony. Since the implementation of the internship programme in August, at least two students separately from IPD-PEM and ISE degree programmes were recruited as summer interns in one of the HKMMA company members.


Signing ceremony of MOU between ISE and HKMMA, Mr. S.W. Hung, Chairman of HKMMA (Left) and
Prof. Keith K.C. Chan, Acting Head of ISE (Right)


HKMMA guests and ISE colleagues