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Unit Contact Person E-mail Address Tel & Fax Room
Prof. K. C.Chan, Head Tel: 2766 4981
Fax: 2365 9248
Prof. T. M. Yue, Associate Head Tel: 2766 6601
Fax: 2362 5267
Prof. K. L. Yung, Associate Head Tel: 2766 6592 EF629
Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee Prof. C. Y. Tang, Chairman, DLTC Tel: 2766 6608 EF632
Departmental Research Committee Prof. T. M. Yue, Chairman, DRC Tel: 2766 6601 EF628
Work-integrated Education (WIE) Mr. C. K. Choi, Coordinator, WIE (DD and IPD) Tel: 2766 4979 EF605
Work-integrated Education (WIE) Dr Gary Tsui, Coordinator, WIE (ISE) Tel: 3400 3254 CF721
Work-integrated Education (WIE) Dr W. S. Yeung, Coordinator, WIE (EEM) Tel: 2766 4977 EF608
Work-integrated Education (WIE) Dr Nick Chung, Coordinator, WIE (LEM) Tel: 3400 3790 CF720
Undergraduate Programmes (full-time) Ms Rita Wong Tel: 2766 7943 EF624
Undergraduate Programmes (part-time) Miss Tiffany Lam Tel: 2766 6611 EF625
MSc in Knowledge Management Miss Louise Tung Tel: 2766 4227 CF404
Miss Michelle Wong Tel: 2766 4118 CF404
MSc in Industrial Logistics Systems Miss Louise Tung Tel: 2766 4227 CF404
MSc in Technology Management Miss Michelle Wong Tel: 2766 4118 CF404
General Administration Miss Cammy Chiu Tel: 2766 4982 EF627
Fax: 2362 5267

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