Placement Experience

POON Ho Yi, Bugis

Programme and Year:
BSc(Hons) in Logistics Engineering and Management, Year 3

Placement Company:
AGH University of Science and Technology

Post Title:
Junior Software Developer

Kraków, POLAND

In my placement, I was responsible for designing a program for my professor to analyze the simulation result of his research on a Pick-up and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (PDPTW).  I learnt to be independent in working as I had to acquire knowledge on this module by myself through reading journals and searching on the Internet.  This placement also motivated me to be equipped for my future career in the logistics industry.

Life was wonderful outside my work with other trainees from different countries.  Watching UEFA Cup football matches, drinking parties, visiting other cities during weekends…  All of these brought me the most unforgettable summer vacation of my life.