Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Enterprise Engineering with Management

JUPAS Code: JS3571 (Previous JUPAS Code: JS3521)

Integration: Making use of the best of both worlds: Engineering and Business

Enterprises are organizations, industrial and commercial, that shape the economy of the modern world.  They include all types of organizations, such as business companies, manufacturing firms, airlines, banks, government departments, etc.

Enterprise Engineering involves a family of scientific methods and tools which focuses on designing and changing enterprises, their processes and systems.  Management can be defined as the art of getting things done through people.  It is the process of leading and directing an organization, such as a business enterprise, through deployment and manipulation of resources.

The integration of enterprise engineering and management, together with the application of internet and information technology, provides the principles, practice, tools and technology to enable an organization to effectively manage its resources, achieve competitive advantages, deliver quality products and services, and meet customer expectations and demands.

Aims of the programme

The EEM programme aims to provide students with comprehensive education and professional training at honours degree level for enterprise engineers who are competent to design and run complete "enterprises", distinguishing them from other engineering professionals. Our definition of enterprise includes all types of organizations, such as banks, insurance companies, hospitals, government departments, and manufacturing firms.

Enterprise Engineering with Management