Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Enterprise Engineering with Management

Mr Sevild Jorgen Ostrem
Director and Co-founder
Parasol Solutions Ltd.

Being able to apply subjects and concepts from university to a real company start-up made me realize how well designed this programme is - equipping students with applicable knowledge for the real world. This programme provided me with the necessary foundation for good decision making, analytical thinking, and problem solving – bringing business value to both new ventures and seasoned businesses.

Mr Heaton Reggie Lewis
Manager, Product Management & Business Alliance
Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd

I am sure no single program can provide you with all with the necessary knowledge for your career, but EEM equips you with the skills to take up challenges. Flexibility of the program also allows you to spare time for internships, exchanges and other interests, and I am sure you will enjoy a fruitful university life with EEM.

Ms Chen Na Cheryl
Application and System Support Engineer
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

My study background has greatly helped me in the area of online marketing strategies, workflow management, business intelligence, information systems and project management. The skills I learnt are very practical and can be applied to many industries and various types of jobs.

Mr Fu Tsz Yeung Kenneth
Assistant Manager (Business Process Design Management Team)
HSBC Securities Services

EEM provided all-rounded academic training that enlightened my thinking method and enriched my industrial based learning experience. I am able to apply the professional knowledge acquired, such as project planning and business process reengineering, for identifying business needs, providing improvement suggestions, and building up enhancements for my department.