Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Industrial and Systems Engineering

JUPAS Code: JS3557 (Previous JUPAS Code: JS3698)

Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) is a professional discipline that focuses on developing and implementing optimal solutions from a system-level perspective and bridges the gap between management and operations.  It has a strong focus on operational processes, which forms the backbone of all industrial and service organizations.  This involves people, technology, quality, finance, information, and environmental issues.  The main role of Industrial and Systems Engineers is to organize and streamline operational procedures, increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase customer satisfaction, enhance safety and improve overall system performance in all areas such as factories, Disneyland queues, rapid prototyping, etc.  The ultimate objective is to provide leadership in the design of integrated industrial and commercial systems for the advancement and well-being of the community.

ISE is different from other traditional engineering disciplines whereby knowledge and skills are applied to specific areas.  In contrast, ISE provides graduates with much many flexible career paths so as to work in a variety of organizations in both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Aims of the programme

To produce engineers and professionals who are competent in the design, improvement and installation of integrated systems of people, technology, information and economics for the best of both worlds: engineering and business, for optimization in cost, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, safety and reliability.

Professional Recognition

The programme has been granted provisional accreditation by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE) for all cohort of graduates from 2012 up to and including the year 2018.

BEng Industrial and Systems Engineering