Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Logistics Engineering with Management


Ms LauYan Chi
Logistics Assistant
Christian Dior Far East Limited

LEM provides various opportunities of acquiring academic knowledge and practical experience related to logistics operations and engineering applications. Hence, I am able to equip myself to develop my own career easily.

Ms Yip Yin Yvonne
Management Assistant
Chevalier Cold Storage and Logistics Ltd

The training, company visits and industrial seminars provided by LEM have brought me into contact with professionals, enabled me to stay abreast of various logistics developments and boosted my confidence.

Mr Cheung Ho Man Ryan
Vice President in Iron Ore Team
Noble Resources Limited

After almost 8 years of work in my previous company, I have recently joined the SGP listed company Noble Resource, focusing on iron ore trading. I am looking forward to facing further challenge.

Ms Chan Sau Man Sammi
Logistics Analyst
Marks & Spencer

LEM has provided me with real working experience, international exposure and lots of opportunities. It has enabled me to acquire knowledge, skills and common sense to cope with the challenges at the working environment.

Ms Leung Ngai Yee Ailey
Management Trainee
Kerry Logistics

LEM has equipped me with both engineering and business knowledge. It combines theory leaning and practical skills training which help us to develop a systematic mindset and drive us to consider the feasibility and flexibility more during applications.

Ms Mui Wai Yin
Specialist, Sales Forecasting
DKSH Hong Kong Limited

After graduating from LEM, I have been well trained to be capable to work on different roles of the whole supply chain, ranging from production to marketing, and planning to execution. The knowledge I learnt at school is a great help in developing my career.

Miss Leung Lillian Gail
Project Development Officer
Bollyman Express Co. Ltd

Bollyman Express is a fourth-party logistics company that devises one-stop solutions for online retailers to ship their products to consumers globally. LEM was especially helpful in equipping me (1) to learn new software quickly, which helps us to adapt effectively in workplace; (2) with a systematic approach to complex problems; and (3) being always ready to look for improvement. LEM trained me to approach complex problems independently, i.e. to represent and simplify them into logical steps, by means of professional flowcharts, diagrams and models, such that decisions are made wisely, and communication to the team is clear and concise. Last but not least, LEM offered lots of real-world experience during internships in firms of various sizes which now enables me to practice my ideas to current and potential users.

Miss Leung Pui Pik Cherry
Research Operation Assistant
PAREXEL International (HK) Co. Ltd

PAREXEL has focused on investigating and innovating new drug treatments for over 30 years. I joined PAREXEL in 2014 as a Research Operation Assistant, after working as a Logistics Officer. ISE gave me many opportunities to develop diversified skills and broaden my horizon in my university life which made me become stronger in this competitive workplace. I learnt so much about clinical research in this year. In my current position, I am responsible for preparing documents and materials for clinical trial visits in Hong Kong. I also monitor import and export drug shipments to maintain a balanced stock. In addition, I prepare submission packages to the Department of Health for clinical trial approvals. I am really grateful to have studied and graduated in ISE where I built up my knowledge and capability.

Miss Wong Wai Kwan Zunfia
Senior Planning Executive
Kee Wah Bakery Ltd

Working as a Senior Planning Executive, my main responsibilities include: (1) Materials planning; (2) Production planning; and (3) Coordinating production related activities in the food factory. My team has to create plans for optimal use of resources in order to achieve maximum profits for the company while keeping costs low. Besides, I am involved in strategic processes such as increasing productivity while maintaining quality, lean production, monitoring production standards, and implementing quality control programmes. A million thanks to the LEM programme; it helped me to build solid skills and allowed a better integration in the workplace.

Ms Chan Ching Cathy
Technical Officer (Project Management)
PCCW Solutions Limited

I am really proud of being a graduate of LEM and it really brought me a lot in my university life. Differing from other traditional programs, LEM integrated both technology and business lessons, providing me with a thorough picture of logistics for application in the real industry. The internship I did in Poland was fully sponsored by the department. It gave me the most precious experience of how freight forwarding works, and allowed me to interact with people in a different culture. Also, my Final Year Project about O2O mobile apps design trained my research, analysis, statistical and self-learning capabilities. LEM has equipped me with a lot of different skills which really helped to pave a smoother path for my future career.