Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Logistics Engineering with Management


Mr Cheng Ka Ho, Alvin

My job position requires me to assist in the execution of new policy and operational enhancement by facilitating the coordination between the Deputy General Manager, Logistics Director, senior managers, and operation managers. In this respect, I have to arrange meetings between these managers and prepare statistical analysis reports for them so that they are able to make effective judgments and appropriate decisions for the effective operation of the company. I also have to prepare presentation materials for internal training requirements.

Mr Chan Wing Kei

My job position is a management trainee on the company’s three year management training program. I am currently stationed at the Huizhou factory with on-the-job training in different departments such as Purchasing, Planning, PMC, and the Warehouse. I am also required to visit vendors. Moreover, in addition to internal job training, the company has also arranged external training to me, such as attending different types of seminars.