Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Product Engineering with Marketing

Miss WONG Ka Lai Vox
Product and Project Management Executive
GP Electronics (HK) Limited

My current job is fully in line with my learning experience in PEM which equipped me with a comprehensive mindset of the product creation process, from market research, ideation, product definition, product development, to production. The programme also provided me with lots of chances to practice project management skills, including project planning, resources allocation, team working, etc. All of these experiences and skills significantly facilitate my progress in this career path!


Mr Li Tung Yat Olaf
Marketing Executive
A Hong Kong Based Indoor Air Quality Solution Provider

PEM has equipped me with a solid foundation of product engineering knowledge and a collection of marketing tools and presentation skills. The marketing and management knowledge also assists my voluntary service in the IET, where I grow my network of engineering friends. Thanks, PEM!

Mr Lam Ho Lok Cola
Associate Consultant
Hong Kong Productivity Council

I deliver projects related to RFID applications, robotic application and automation solution for different industries in the Hong Kong Productivity Council. The PEM programme has equipped me with comprehensive knowledge about product development and manufacturing technology. The treasurable things in the PEM program are the practical experience in the Industrial Center and learning how to learn. It helps me to be well prepared for my career development.

Miss Cheung Siu Lai
Senior Product Engineer
Global Dispensing Ltd

The PEM programme has many unique features. The training I received in an international company for the internship programme inspired me a lot and allowed me to see my career direction. The knowledge I learnt from the PEM programme, strengthened my problem solving and practical skills, greatly helping me in my current job.