Research Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy / Master of Philosophy

If you are interested in pursuing a research degree programme in one of the research areas listed below, please approach the corresponding staff member for academic advice. For information on entrance requirements, tuition fees and financial assistance, and other general information, visit the PolyU website at:
Should you wish to register on one of the research degree programmes, please submit the application on-line at:


Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Ultra-precision machining technologies and optics manufacture

Prof. W.B. Lee (tel: 2766 6594; email:

Prof. Benny Cheung (tel: 2766 7905; email:

Dr Sandy To (tel: 2766 6587; email:

Laser materials processing and 3D printing

Prof. H.C. Man (tel: 2766 6629; email:

Prof. T.M. Yue (tel: 2766 6601; email:

Materials technology

Prof. H.C. Man (tel: 2766 6629; email:

Prof. K.C. Chan (tel: 2766 4981; email:

Prof. C.Y. Tang (tel: 2766 6608; email:

Prof. T.M. Yue (tel: 2766 6601; email:

Dr Gary Tsui (tel: 3400 3254; email:

Net shape forming and blanking, and process simulation

Prof. L.C. Chan (tel: 2766 6634; email:

Electronic assembly and LED technologies, green materials, green product design and green Manufacturing

Prof. Winco K.C. Yung (tel: 2766 6599; email:


Enterprise Information Systems and Quality Management

Distribution requirements, enterprise resource planning and manufacturing information systems

Dr W.H. Ip (tel: 2766 6602; email:

Prof. P. Ji (tel: 2766 6631; email:

Dr Eric W.K. See-To (tel: 3400 3002; email:


Knowledge and Technology Management

Knowledge systems, organizational learning and intellectual capital management

Prof. W.B. Lee (tel: 2766 6594; email:

Knowledge portals, e-learning, blended learning, collaboration tools and personal knowledge management

Prof. Eric Tsui (tel: 2766 6609; email:

Knowledge engineering and management, knowledge mining and business intelligence, intellectual capital management, technology forecasting and roadmapping

Prof. Benny Cheung (tel: 2766 7905; email:

Business intelligence and knowledge mining

Dr Eric W.K. See-To (tel: 3400 3002; email:

Technological change and firm capabilities

Dr W.Y. Park (tel: 2766 6578; email:


Logistics Engineering and Management

Logistics and supply chain management, distribution scheduling and optimization strategy

Prof. Felix Chan (tel: 2766 6605; email:

Dr Tommy K.L. Choy (tel: 2766 6597; email:

Dr C.Y. Chan (tel: 2766 4980; email:

Dr Nick Chung (tel: 3400 3790; email:

Green logistics, inventory management, demand forecasting, and sourcing decisions

Dr Carman Lee (tel: 3400 3899; email:

Technological evolution, make-buy sourcing decision and outsourcing strategies

Dr W.Y. Park (tel: 2766 6578; email:


Product Engineering and Design

Mechatronics and control, product innovation, intelligent product development and micro-injection and micro-fabrication

Prof. K.L. Yung (tel: 2766 6592; email:

New product development, product family design, integrating marketing, engineering and supply chain for product design, and modelling of customer satisfaction

Dr C.K. Kwong (tel: 2766 6610; email:

Product lifecycle management, reverse engineering, rapid tooling, CAD/CAE/CAM, geometric modelling and design innovation

Dr K.M. Yu (tel: 2766 6603; email:

Green product design and life cycle assessment, and green manufacturing

Prof. Winco K.C. Yung (tel: 2766 6599; email:

Healthcare product design, nanoparticle based biosensing technique and biosensor miniaturization

Dr Roy W.C. Law (tel: 2766 6607; email:

Special forming equipment design and manufacture

Prof. L.C. Chan (tel: 2766 6634; email:


To discuss the possibility of pursuing a programme in research areas not listed above, please contact the Departmental Research Committee Chairman Prof. YUE Tai-man at tel.: 2766 6601; email:



(for RS registered on or after 1 July 2014)


Subject Syllabi

ISE6606: Seminars I
ISE6607: Seminars II
ISE6608: Seminars III
ISE6609: Seminars IV
ISE6610: Practicum I
ISE6611: Practicum II
ISE6602: Advanced Materials Processing Technologies
ISE6605: Industrial Logistics Information Systems