Research Themes

Advanced Materials Processing Technologies

Major Research Focuses:

  • Laser materials processing and 3D printing
  • Advanced materials: metallic glasses, high entropy alloys, green materials
  • Microwave sintering
  • Net shape forming and process simulation
  • Electronic assembly and PCB fabrication

Prof. T.M. Yue (tel: 2766 6601; email:


Advanced Optics Manufacturing (Partner State Key Laboratory of Ultra-precision Machining Technology)

Major Research Focuses:

  • Ultra-precision machining technologies
  • Precision metrology
  • Advanced optics design and manufacture

Prof. W.B. Lee (tel: 2766 6594; email:


Product Design and Engineering

Major Research Focuses:

  • Product innovation, intelligent product development
  • Product family design and modelling of customer satisfaction
  • Green product design and green manufacturing
  • Micro-injection, micro-fabrication, and micro-robotics
  • Robotics and automation, compliant mechanism and micro/nano manipulation
  • Rapid tooling, CAD/CAE/CAM, and geometric modelling
  • Nano-biosensing/bioimaging, and biosensor miniaturization

Dr C.K. Kwong (tel: 2766 6610; email:


Knowledge and Technology Management

Major Research Focuses:

  • Knowledge systems, organizational learning and intellectual capital management
  • Knowledge mining and business intelligence
  • E-learning, blended learning, collaboration tools
  • Cloud intelligence, cloud logic
  • Technology forecasting and roadmapping
  • Make/buy sourcing decision and innovation life cycle

Prof. Eric Tsui (tel: 2766 6609; email:


Logistics Engineering

Major Research Focuses:

  • Industry 4.0, Internet of things
  • Logistics and supply chain management, distribution scheduling and optimization strategy
  • Green logistics, demand forecasting, and sourcing decisions
  • Aviation logistics and sustainable transportation
  • Multi-criteria decision making methods/Multi-objective optimization

Prof. P. Ji (tel: 2766 6631; email: