Head's Office

Name Title Tel No. Room E-mail
Keith K.C. Chan Professor and Head 2766 4981 EF626a kc.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Adela Lam Personal Secretary to HoD 2766 6619 EF626 adela.lam@polyu.edu.hk
T.M. Yue Professor and Associate Head 2766 6601 EF628 tm.yue@polyu.edu.hk
K.L. Yung, BBS Chair Professor of Precision Engineering and Associate Head 2766 6592 EF629 kl.yung@polyu.edu.hk
Academic Staff

Name Title Tel No. Room E-mail
W.B. Lee Cheng Yick Chi Chair Professor of Manufacturing Engineering 2766 6594 CF410 wb.lee@polyu.edu.hk
H.C. Man Chair Professor of Materials Engineering (also Dean(ENG) & Director of Studies, IGDS) 2766 6629 AG711b hc.man@polyu.edu.hk
Felix T. S. Chan Associate Dean (Research), FENG and Professor 2766 6605 EF635 f.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Henri Hié Professor of Practice (Aviation Management) 2766 5393 FJ413 henri.hie@polyu.edu.hk
L.C. Chan Professor 2766 6634 EF601 lc.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Benny C.F. Cheung Professor 2766 7905 EF634 benny.cheung@polyu.edu.hk
P. Ji Professor 2766 6631 EF606 p.ji@polyu.edu.hk
Y.M. Li Professor 2766 4978 EF630 yangmin.li@polyu.edu.hk
Chak-yin Tang Professor 2766 6608 EF632 cy.tang@polyu.edu.hk
Eric Tsui Professor 2766 6609 CF412 eric.tsui@polyu.edu.hk
Winco K.C. Yung Professor 2766 6599 EF631 wincokc.yung@polyu.edu.hk
K.L. Choy Associate Professor 2766 6597 CF407 kl.choy@polyu.edu.hk
C.K. Kwong Associate Professor 2766 6610 EF604 c.k.kwong@polyu.edu.hk
Sandy To Associate Professor 2766 6587 FJ603 sandy.to@polyu.edu.hk
Gary Tsui Associate Professor 3400 3254 EF607 mfgary@polyu.edu.hk
Kai-Ming Yu Associate Professor 2766 6603 EF603 km.yu@polyu.edu.hk
Nick Chung Assistant Professor 3400 3790 CF720 nick.sh.chung@polyu.edu.hk
Roy W.C. Law Assistant Professor 2766 6607 EF621 roy.law@polyu.edu.hk
Carman K.M. Lee Assistant Professor 3400 3899 EF617 ckm.lee@polyu.edu.hk
Park Woo Yong Assistant Professor 2766 6578 EF602 woo-yong.park@polyu.edu.hk
J.Z. Ren Assistant Professor 2766 6596 EF618 jzhren@polyu.edu.hk
X.S. Yang Assistant Professor 2766 6604 EF616 xsyang@polyu.edu.hk
P.C. Chen Senior Teaching Fellow 2766 4976 EF623 pc.chen@polyu.edu.hk
Albert C.K. Choi Senior Teaching Fellow 2766 4979 EF605 ck.choi@polyu.edu.hk
Vincent Yeung Senior Teaching Fellow 2766 4977 EF608 ws.yeung@polyu.edu.hk
Ching Yuen Chan Lecturer 2766 4980 CF722 cy.chan@polyu.edu.hk
Velvet Chen Teaching Fellow 3400 3900 FJ409 velvet.chen@polyu.edu.hk
Peter Cheng Teaching Fellow 2766 6630 CF719 peter.y.cheng@polyu.edu.hk
George Ho Teaching Fellow 2766 4183 FJ411 george.ho@polyu.edu.hk
Kris Law Teaching Fellow 2766 6598 FJ408 Kris.Law@polyu.edu.hk
HF Mak Teaching Fellow 2766 6310 FJ412 hf.mak@polyu.edu.hk
YM Tang Teaching Fellow 3400 3940 FJ410 yukming.tang@polyu.edu.hk
Adjunct Staff

Name Title Tel No. Room E-mail
Filippo BERTO Adjunct Professor
Angus Cheung Adjunct Professor
Nancy M. Dixon Adjunct Professor nancydixon@commonknowledge.org
Luk Tei Lewis Adjunct Professor 2429 6326 Lewis@lusignangroup.com
Johnny Ng Adjunct Professor
Stephen W.K. Ng Adjunct Professor 9368 8368 drswkng@netvigator.com
Stephen Selby Adjunct Professor
Wu Dong Yang Adjunct Professor
ZHANG Jin-an Adjunct Professor
Eric TM Cheng Adjunct Associate Professor ericcheng2013@gmail.com
Jacky S.L. Ting Adjunct Assistant Professor eb_jackyting@hotmail.com
Administrative Staff

Name Title Tel No. Room E-mail
Cammy Chiu Senior Executive Officer 2766 4982 EF627 cammy.chiu@polyu.edu.hk
Rita Wong Programme Manager 2766 7943 EF624 rita.ps.wong@polyu.edu.hk