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George Ho

Teaching Fellow


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Brief Biosketch

George Ho took up the teaching role in the Polytechnic University upon his completion on Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering followed by one-year postdoctoral fellowship. His research interest ranges between a few areas, including Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Logistics Workflow Optimization, Process Mining and Business Intelligence, etc. During the years of research, Dr Ho has put out a number of papers which are included in both international journals and conference publications; more than 30 of them are SCI/SSCI listed. Apart from the continuous research, he is currently contributing through the post as a lecturer with dedication to both teaching and project management. Researches and students’ final year projects under his supervision are mainly concerned with Process Mining and Business Intelligence.


Aside from lecturing, Dr Ho is also actively participated in various scholarly related activities particularly in promoting the profession of the department. His specialty has made him served as the Executive Editor for an International Journal of Engineering Business Management, involved in the Committee of Institute of Industrial Engineers (Hong Kong). He has also been invited to write in different academic book chapters to share his research insights.


Teaching and Research Specialties

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Logistics Workflow Optimization, Process Mining and Business Intelligence


Honours and Awards

  • Executive Editor of the International Journal of Engineering Business Management
  • Microsoft Certificate Professional
  • Microsoft Certificate System Engineer
  • Microsoft Certificate Database Administrator
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate



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